We often get questions regarding equipment needed to play tackle football with DJFL and what equipment DJFL provides. Here is a basic list:

DJFL Provides:
A helmet with chin strap, shoulder pads, 1 practice jersey, and 1 game jersey. Practice jersey and game jersey will be given out by coaches during the pre-season practices.
Parents Provide:
Mouth Guard, Blue Game Day Pants (with built-in pads), a cup (athletic supporter), game socks, and cleats.  You may also want to purchase Under Armour for cold days and a backup mouth guard. Items can be purchased at Authentic Athlete or Darien Sport Shop.



The first three days for your son in the preseason, he will be in shorts and helmets. While all players should attend all practices, no player can be on the field until they have picked up their equipment and have turned in his medical form and equipment deposit check. Players will sit on the sidelines until documentation is submitted and equipment is issued. Once three full days of conditioning practice has been completed by the player, then full pads can be worn. If your son cannot make the first preseason practices, he will start his three days when he arrives even though the other players may be in pads. Please have your player’s mouth guard for the preseason.

The Blue game day football pants (with built-in pads) can be purchased at Authentic Athlete or Darien Sport Shop, and are used for practices as well.