ALL those who expect to be coaches or assistant coaches MUST complete the Coach Certification and Registration Process outlined below. Please be sure to save all your confirmation numbers and certificates on your desktop because you will be entering and uploading all that in step 4 on the DJFL website:

1. Complete your Background Check here: https://darien-junior-football-league.sportngin.com/register/form/433652928

2.  Register on the DJFL website

Here is the link to register as a coach and to enter all your certification information on the DJFL website. NOTE: For Flag coaches, only the Background Check and the DJFL registration are required. You do not need First Aid, CPR, etc.


  1. Please be sure your member information page includes your Date of Birth or you will not be able to register as a coach. If you do need to add your date of birth, be sure to click on "submit" and then go back to this email with the link and try again. Your date of birth should have a four digit year. Your profile is the only place that should have a four digit year.
  2. When entering dates on the DJFL registration, please use two digits for the year instead of four digits. (8/1/19 instead of 8/1/2019)
  3. If you are a parent of a player or are in the system from prior years of involvement, do not re-enter all your information. Log into your profile using your email address and follow the directions on the prompts for registering/logging in. Please do not duplicate your profile.
  4. If you are also a Tackle Coach, there will be a place for you to indicate that and not have to complete the rest of the Coach Registration. But you do still have to click on the link above to register as a Flag Coach.
  5. If you no longer have access to your profile because of an email address change, please contact for help.

3.  Document for DJFL Insurance.

During your DJFL Coach Registration, you will be required to agree to a policy regarding Sexual Abuse and Misconduct. You will be signing the document digitally and should review the entire document as well as the documents found under "Policy and Documents" on the left menu of the home page on djfl.org.

Please contact Bob Patton at  if you have any questions. Thank for your completing the requirements BEFORE 9/1 if possible.